Catia V5

This page is dedicated mainly to Catia V5 VBA, but when I'll have the time maybe i will post some tutorials.


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Things that will make your life easier:

1. Enable your mouse wheel in VBA by downloading and installing the vb6mousewheel.exe file;

2. Use tools that allows you to write code, find code, design your forms, document your applications, and review their quality like MZTools;

3. Make your code easy to read (don't forget to add comments - It’s something I always forget) using Smart Indenter.

Now...let's start

Graph Tree Reordering from Assembly design is a good tool when you need to reorder few components in assembly tree,

but when you need to reorder hundreds or thousands of components…call your friends. In the movie posted here I managed

to make a custom tool in VB Express based on WinAPI to reorder components according to my needs (move several

components at once, rename instances, save/load tree order, sorting).

 This Get Windows Fonts In Catia shows how to get windows fonts in Catia V5

This is a macro that will create from an multibody part an product. You will need to to have your part opened
in Catia Active Window -> run the macro -> Select the export option according to your needs -> Select the folder
 where you want to save the resulting parts -> This is it!

Aircraft Engine Simulation
Assembly Process Simulation
Gear Mechanism Simulation
Geneva 2.5D Mechanism
Basic Geneva Mechanism
Mold At Work
Spring Simulation
Theo Jansen Mechanism
Thompson Coupling

V5 Get Links x86
Useful Catia VBA Functions

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