AS5048A Rotary Sensor

AS5048A Rotary Sensor

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One of the new features of the new version of Android Remote Control for Digital camera is the ability to track stars in the night sky. For this i need a controller and a mechanism that will position the camera or the telescope in the right position (angles) as Right Ascension and Declination of the star we want to track.

From many options available i choose one that i think has the best balance between precision and price and this is to use AS5048A Rotary Position Sensor provided by AMS.

I will use 4 of them, 2 on each axis of rotation, one before the gear mechanism (motor output) and one after the gear, all of them are controlled by DIY Star Tracker.

Below you can find the assembled board image ( top + bottom view) and the Arduino library for this sensor.

AS5048A 14bit Rotary Position Sensor

Download AS5048A 14bit Rotary position Sensor Library for Arduino

AS5048A Rotary Sensor PCB


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