Smart Home Server Hardware

Smart Home Server Hardware

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The hardware is selected to handle the demands of a modern Smart Home, with high-speed processing, ample storage, and top-of-the-line security features.

With this reliable and customizable hardware, you can take your Smart Home to the next level.

There are many solutions to run you Smart Home software on, by far the most common is to use a Raspberry Pi 4.

In my case I have started with a Lenovo ThinkCentre M720Q to test and learn

Lenovo Think Center M720Q

And later I have move all software on my server based on AMD Epyc 7262 with 128Gb RAM

AMD Epyc 7262

ZigBee network coordinator - ZigStar LAN Gateway Gateway with CC2652P2 attached to your wired network

ZigStar CC2652P2 LAN

or ZigStar Stick v4 attached to one of your Server USB ports.

ZigStar CC2652P2 USB

For AI accelerated tasks i use M.2 Accelerator with Dual Edge TPU

M.2 Accelerator with Dual Edge TPU

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